Frances M. Aragon Social Worker

Frances M. Aragon

Social Worker

Frances M. Aragon was born in Memorial Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. Her childhood town was Avondale where she lived with her parents. At the age of 6 when she entered first grade Frances spoke Spanish and English fluently. Frances was brought to school by her father on her first day. The teacher was excited to see Frances’s father because the teacher needed help with all the Spanish speaking children in her class, but he had to go to work and could not stay. Frances went to the teacher and said that she would help the children that spoke Spanish. Frances attended Agua Fria high school in Avondale and graduated in 1968. In 1969 she volunteered with the CAP (Community Action Program) helping in the delivery of commodities to the poor in Avondale. After graduation she decided to seek out a career as a social worker at Glendale Community College. In 1971 she was offered a scholarship to attend the school of social work at Arizona State University. She graduated in 1976, she held 3 jobs to pay for tuition and gas money to travel between Avondale to Tempe.

Frances has a love for music and played the saxophone during her college years at GCC and played guitar in the Catholic Church. She worked as a Music minister at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale for 15 years. She composed music for the Catholic Church and often traveled to various states to offer workshops, one state she decided to stay at was Duluth, MN. Frances lived in Duluth for 3 years working in social work and liturgical music in various Catholic parishes including the Cathedral. She attended a 10 week scholarship in music, in exchange for conducting group retreats for the departments of religion, social work, psychology and teaching sacred music/liturgy to the students at the College of St. Scholastica.

In 1979 she returned to Phoenix and started her Master’s degree in Social work at Arizona State University. She graduated in 1982 and immediately landed a job at Valle Del Sol for which she wrote a grant for Child abuse services which currently functions as Family services at Valle del Sol. Frances has worked for several mental health and substance abuse clinics in the valley such as: Valle del Sol, Phoenix Police department, Corazon male substance abuse inpatient, De Colores, Chicanos Por La Causa, Dawn women’s substance abuse group home, Phoenix South Community
Mental Health Center, Jewish Family and Children Services, ValueOptions, Southwest Key Refugee Center, Mountain Park Medical Center and currently at Wesley Health Center.

Frances says she has always been a helper, fixer, connector and she knew her job was to be a social worker and counselor especially to the people who are the most vulnerable in our society. Mrs. Aragon brings 47 years of work in the field of social work and counselor. Frances enjoys reading, music, movies, traveling, playing board games, the holidays, her Sedona retreat cabin and especially her visits with her siblings/niece/nephews in Colorado and Minnesota.

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